Medicinal Chemistry Studies

Natural products (NPs) have played a key role in drug discovery, especially for cancer (Taxol, Camptothecin, etc) and infectious diseases (penicillin, vancomycin, etc) but also in other therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular diseases (statins) and multiple sclerosis (fingolimod). NPs are characterized by scaffold diversity and structural complexity. We propose to study the medicinal potential of the natural products and their analogs that we generate as part of synthetic studies.

Screening and Optimization of Luotonin based Leads for anti-Fungal and anti-Helminth purposes

Optimization of Marine Natural Product Oroidin inspired anti-biotic UMD Lead for Dual Efflux pump-Bioflim Inhibition (DEBI)

Targeting the AMPK pathway with guanidine alkaloids for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes